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When David Moody decided to publicly speak about his own childhood sexual abuse, he decided to create a platform to help others in various stages of healing from such abuse.  This website provides resources, inspiration and motivation for those who are on the journey of healing and recovery.  David’s journey is one that speaks volumes of the power of the human spirit.

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I was once a sensitive, loving and happy child. One of twelve siblings but ten different fathers. My mother was probably seeking someone to fill a hole deep within her, but settled for them filling the one between her legs. When one of the men in her life settled in with her, he was just as… Read More

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   Thank you, Harvard University! Here’s an edited version of remarks I delivered on November 19, 2015 during the Advanced Leadership Initiative’s Final Symposium at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. I want to say “Thank you” to Harvard, the faculty, staff, and my fellow cohorts. You gave me the courage to tackle a topic… Read More

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My childhood looked perfect from the outside. Small town, family of four, parents happy and in love, surrounded by relatives and friends. I don’t remember when it started. Some of my very earliest memories are those of my abuse. I knew it wasn’t normal, but it was MY normal. It was a big part of… Read More

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  My name is Carrie Aus. I am 36 years old and I am an empowered survivor of child sexual abuse. I say empowered because I have found the strength to step up and speak out. I have the ability to accomplish great things and help others see that it is okay to break the… Read More

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Turning dreams into reality – My observations Here are simple observations (in random order) from my own life. I believe we all need to have certain factors in place so that we can chase our dreams until we no longer are on this earth. I believe our dreams change with age, but we should never… Read More

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Often, so often, I am asked to talk about the challenges and emotions raised when one is a victim of abuse (sexual, emotional and/or physical). I am seldom asked what can be done about it; how does a person turn this event (or more likely series of events) into a blessing. The very absence of… Read More

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“David is a champion of courage for other survivors. A respected and successful businessman, David made the choice to come forward and tell his story publicly so that others might find the courage to share their stories as well. I am proud to know and support David’s work.”

I began working with David Moody in 2012 when he agreed to share his story for a new version of Stewards of Children, Darkness to Light’s award-winning educational program for adults on how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. Through this program, David’s story has been heard by hundreds of thousands of adults who are learning the important skills needed to protect children. His courage is helping others break their silence. As a tireless advocate for all survivors and the importance of prevention, he is truly changing the way we think about and respond to the problem of child sexual abuse. He has been a true gift to all of us at Darkness to Light.


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