The Year My Life Changed Forever-1992

  • By dmoody6017
  • On November 28, 2012

Welcome to another year in the journey of 25 years in business and my life.  If you had chance to read the earlier post, you will see I have had many ups and downs in my life. In 1992, Karla and I had been married for 10 years with 2 young kids and started a business. Karla graduated from nursing school and we were trying to build our lives back financially.  Read the earlier post to learn about these items.
We had an exciting year in 1991, won our first business award and had  been invited to attended an award event at the White House, and had won some nice new projects. 1992 was starting off on a high, little did I know a storm had been brewing for 26 years and about to change my life forever.
In the beginning of 1992, Karla and I found out someone we knew had been sexually molested, and for some reason after 26 years I finally said the words out loud to someone, that I too had been sexually molested as a child by a male babysitter. I never realized by saying those words how my life would change forever. For 26 years I had buried that trauma and never allowed it to even pop up in my mind. I stayed busy so it never popped up in my mind, and I believe God had allowed me to keep it buried until I had gotten certain things completed, because the effect on my mind and body from saying what happened to me as a child was going to be life changing.
After I said those words to my wife, everything seemed ok and I thought, whew! I finally said it and I am ok. Over the next few months, I started saying I don’t feel like I am in control anymore of my life, and just felt out of sorts. I remember it like yesterday, even though it has been 20 years since it happened. I was driving down Rockbridge road in Pine Lake, talking on the cell phone and headed to the gym. All of a sudden it happened. I couldn’t  breathe, I hung up the phone, and tried to call Karla, because I knew I was about to die. I couldn’t reach her to say good bye, and I called 911 for an ambulance. As I waited for the ambulance to arrive, I couldn’t catch my breath and all I could think about, was I am going to check out at 36 years old and never see my kids grow up or grow old with my wife. The ambulance came and checked everything out and said I was fine. I caught up with Karla and she took me to the doctor. My doctor just said I was under stress and just needed some rest. I no longer have that doctor . Anyway, I was relieved and started back on my regular routine and thought everything was behind me. I thought I was just stressed and tired. About a month later after that first episode I went out town to Sea Island to become a member of the1992 Regional Leadership class. This was a one week class of intense training. Spouses didn’t attend so you could focus 100% on the class. The first night at the welcome dinner it happened again. I got up from the table and started loosening my tie, and I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t catch my breath. A fellow leadership classmate and Morehouse brother Kent Matlock was in this class. He rushed me to the emergency room, once again I was told everything was ok, but this time the 26 years of holding the horror of sexual abuse had become more than I could stand at that time. I went back to my hotel room, and I couldn’t stop shaking or crying, I knew something was horribly wrong, but what was it? I was no longer in control of anything. I couldn’t sleep that night and I know Karla was worried sick about me and so was I. I had never been sick besides a cold or the flu. I was always in control of everything. That morning I told the class leader, I was leaving and started to drive back the 5 hours to Atlanta. That was the longest 5 hours of my life, being all alone, body trembling uncontrollably and fear had made me believe that I was seriously ill, and that I must be dying
I finally made it home and got in the bed and prayed,  asking God what is wrong with me, and help me. I immediately went to the hospital and started having every test you could think of done over the next two weeks, trying to find out what is wrong. I couldn’t sit still for very long, my mind wandered aimlessly and fear and worry just took over. All while this is going on, my wife’s mother was dying of a brain tumor in Michigan,and we were trying to raise a family. We had just bought a new piece a property to move the business to, and I am still trying to build the business. All this was happening at the same time.
Finally one Sunday at church I was telling a psychiatrist friend at church what was going on and she said I was having panic attacks.  Some people call them anxiety attacks. I called my cousin, Dr Sarah Moody-Thomas, in New Orleans who is a psychologist and told her what was happening. She spent a few hours over the next few days talking with me and helping me understand what was happening. I was still not telling anyone yet  beside Karla, my brothers, a few close friends and my parents I had been sexually abused as a child.
After 26 years of holding it in, once I finally said it out loud, my body and mind unwound from being so tight, and I didn’t know what to do or how I would make it.
It is so hard to even describe what it is was like and the journey we took to recovery. Before I tell you more about how I started my journey of healing, I want to say, this was one of those times, when you know there is a God, even though I was hanging on by a thread, emotionally and physically. God would give me the strength and courage to take care of the key business things I needed to handle. How I did it, could only be explained that God carried me. I could barely sit in my office very long, before I would start worrying about having panic attacks. I had some of the worst panic attacks you could have, and after much counseling it was determined I also had post traumatic stress syndrome from my sexual abuse. Once we knew the problem, we knew what we had to focus on how to get well.
Now I was one those people that suffered really bad panic attacks, muscle tremors, nervousness and fear consumed me. I had the fear of having panic attacks again in front of people, people thinking I was weak, people thinking I was tarnished form the sexual abuse and having panic attacks, and I would now lose my business. Also because I had had a panic attack driving and out of town in a crowd, I avoided all of those items out of fear of them happening again. I would just be sitting at home and they would start happening. I hated being alone for fear of having them and dying, it was just horrible. My wife Karla is a angel, and I can never repay her for the work, love and care she put in to bring me back from the brink of despair. She did all these while her mother was dying. Her mom died a few months after I started my panic attacks and I was no help at all to her at this time. She was trying to hold me together and grieve her mother. I couldn’t help and it will always bother me, in her worst time and when she needed me to be there, I was only at 25% of the man I am today and the man she had married 10 years earlier. I was always the rock and now I was putty and trying to clear the fog from my head. I was tired often because every night I woke up at 3:30 am, scared to sleep for fear of dying.
I started getting some really good counseling and my desire to get better finally took over. I want to mention a few people that really were there for me at this time, one is my friend Ernesto Caesar, he would come by and sit with me. He would act like he just happened to be in the neighborhood, but I knew he had come by to relieve Karla and just sit by my side. I will be forever grateful to him. My brother Corey checked on me often and kept the office running. My bank stuck with me and so did my clients and joint venture partners. Many people had no idea this was going on, because I could gather the strength to make it through a meeting or still make good business decisions. After a meeting or a presentation, I would be exhausted and have muscle tremors from worrying I would have another panic attack. I took a lot of time in 1992 trying to restart my pilot light of happiness and get back on the road of recovery. My lowest point in 1992, I was in my kitchen crying because I wanted this to stop and I couldn’t make it stop. I remember saying God, I don’t know why this is happening to me, but regardless, I will not lose my faith or stop believing in you.
This is also the time, I teamed up with Beers and H J Russell and we chased the new Olympic Stadium and converting the Olympic Stadium to Turner Field after the Olympics. They had no idea I had bad my panic attacks. The only person I confided in was Larry Gellerstedt, the CEO of Beers. We had developed a friendship and I trusted him. He really made me feel at ease. At this time I really didn’t know Mr Russell, now he and I are very close and he is a mentor to me today.
We were having meetings and presentations chasing the Olympic Stadium. I was able to perform at 100%, then go home and rest. We won the project. Yes, the Olympic Stadium would be built by Beers, Russell and Moody a joint venture, and we won the project all while this was going on in my life.
I also started renovating the property we bought to move our business to and we would own our own property.
We finished 1992 strong as a business, and I was slowly starting to get my engine running on 4 cylinders and working back up to 12 cylinders. I know this may sound strange, but I wouldn’t change the challenge that I have been through one bit.
I know there are some people who might say, I would never share this part of their life publicly. I do it because if I can help one person that has been abused as a child or adult in anyway, or anyone that has suffered from panic attacks, or PSTD, or lived in fear get better, get inspired, help them relight that pilot light of joy, keep their faith in God, then my telling of this story is worth sharing.
As I wrote this post, I reflected on what life was like for me 20 years ago. I am so thankful for the most incredible wife, kids, friends and family I have in my life. I am so thankful for my faith and my God that carries me when I don’t even know it. I learned to let go of my past hurts, and start my journey of being at peace and free of the burden of my past. I learned I was never in control in the past. God just allowed me to keep buried being sexually abused until God knew I had everything I needed around me to carry me through the darkness to the light of freedom from my past.
I stared slowly being able to sleep again and I started to work out again.
My cousin Tony Hawkins came to visit me and got me out the house to walk, I will always be very thankful to him. I had my line brother Alfred Ford checking on me and my old roommate and frat brother Chuck Cherry checked on me all the time and lifting me up. I had a number of people really helping me.  Forgive me if I didn’t mention you, it is not because it wasn’t important, just that 1992 is still a blur.
Something I found very important for me, I was never depressed to where I didn’t want to move, I never gave up the joy of living. I knew I was somewhere dark, but I wanted everyday to get better. I have been blessed with a fire in me to survive, help others, a happy heart and desire to live. As I have healed over these last 20 years, my motto now is “ if I worry about dying, I will miss living”.
I love life, my family, my friends, and the challenges of life and the victories. I love fighting through my fears, but most importantly I love my God that carries me and gives me all of the things I just mentioned that make me enjoy living everyday.
The other thing I know, regardless of how bad my situation might seem to me,  there are others whose situations are much worse than mine, so I don’t feel sorry for myself, I say to myself, it could have been much worse.
As you read this post, Karla and I are celebrating 30 years of marriage on November 27, 2012. I am a very blessed and a thankful man. I say thank you to God everyday, and throughout the day.
I pray this post has been helpful to someone out here in the internet world. Life is great and don’t ever give up hope, we will make it through the tough times and be stronger than when we started.
I know I will live with this trauma all of my life, I now understand it and how to manage it, and I will not let what happened to me as child consume 100% of my time and my thoughts as it once did. I will not let the abuser win anymore in my life.
I love you all and thanks for reading moodyspeaks.

Ivette Moses
  • Nov 28 2012
Hey Dave, Just read your post and you are a special man. I knew this the day we rode together in Sonoma.. You have such a gratitude for life and for everything you experience... So many times that day you commented on how amazing the scenery was and your love of life was so apparent... You are a good man and just reading about you or spending time w you helps us be better people everyday... Thanks for sharing the journey!!
Doretha R. Smith
  • Nov 28 2012
Congratulations is in order for 30 years of marriage! I am motivitated and inspired to hear how you not only confronted and conquered your fears but how you have continued to pray and press. This is a powerful lesson of acknowlegement, admittance, confronting, courage and conqueor. You have shared the true essence of the characteristics of a great leader, a strong man and one who knows who you are and understanding the importance of surrendering to God. At time, our faith is what we need to get us through. Much respect for your courage and your willingess to share. I am hopeful you are in for the "long haul blog." I am enjoying taking the journey regarding your growth both professionally and personally. Thank you for your transparency.
    • Nov 28 2012
    This blog will go on until I am gone from earth.
The Year My Life Changed Forever-1992 « Moody Speaks
  • Nov 28 2012
[...] The Year My Life Changed Forever-1992. [...]
Corey Pressley
  • Nov 29 2012
Mr. Moody, all I can add is this. " All things work together, for good to them that love GOD, and are called according to his purpose.
P Wilson
  • Nov 29 2012
David, I know how hard sharing this part of your life has been. Thank you for doing so. I too had panic attacks in college and 10 years later. My first being in a movie theater. I couldn't go back to a movie theater for 7-10 years.... and still think about it each time I do go. Missed a lot of really good movies. I didn't have a particular trauma in my life that set them off. It mostly is my body's reaction to stress, much like stomach aches or head aches. Please know that more people than you know have gone through what you have either one or both, and we all are together in knowing we are the strong and faithful. Keep writing. You are sharing your extraordinary life with others and we are very lucky you are!
    • Nov 29 2012
    Thanks for your sharing your story. I pray you are enjoying movies now.
  • Nov 29 2012
Thank You! I am experiencing so much of what you have been through. I couldn't believe it either...not me...I'm the strong one...the one who has it together despite whatever...the one who everyone else rely on. How could this have happened? I have children to guide and nurture, a business to build, family and friends who need me to be on top of it at all times. But, you hold stuff in for so long...it is like the Hoover Dam with a crack in it that keeps getting bigger and bigger...until it is out of control. I thought I was going crazy. I went to doctors...nothing; saw a heart specialist...nothing. I have been rushed to the hospital...thinking I was dying...nothing. You almost wish they would say heart attack, stroke, something. There has to be a logical explanation. LOL. I have enjoyed each of your blogs. This one, I had to respond. It is confirmation of what I keep telling myself and praying...I'm going to be alright. I have sent this to so many of my friends because some of my family and friends are confused, and I guess they feel helpless because they want to 'fix' me. Maybe, they will gain some insight from reading your post that the phone calls (checking on me) and visits have been invaluable. Of course, only a select few friends know about it, others just think that I am taking a break from the 'rat race'. My brothers have been very supportive, although they feel powerless. They are not use to their big sister not having it together. I am applying the techniques, still praying and meditating. I get up everyday and keep going. I use to scream, "GOD, what the crap is going on in my life...I'm losing my mind...I'm losing control" I have recently (about a week ago-my birthday week) started saying, "Thank YOU GOD. This is part of the healing process I would have never put myself through voluntarily. If I could have kept it suppressed, I would have till death; and would not have received the full blessings of the love, peace and joy YOU have placed in my life." Thanks again for sharing this part of your journey. You have been instrumental to a very good day. I'm holding on, pressing forward, and will continue to fulfill God's purpose for my life. *I'm not ready yet to share with everyone, so I'm not using my name. I have to submit my email but it is not made public. I just wanted you to know that your post has met its goal in me.
    • Nov 29 2012
    Your email was touching and made what I am writing worth it. All I can say is when u finally break through in understanding panic attacks and what makes them happen, God u feel so alive and open to life. I hope you have or will get counseling. I feel your journey, you do think you are going crazy, but you are not crazy. You learn to embrace it and not run from it, getting through our fear is so great and exciting. You will be stronger than ever before in your life. Hold on, it does get better. I keep Xanax as my little safety value, works great whenever you need to take the edge off. I have probably only taken 50 pills in 20 years. Stay in touch.
Carol Wooten McDaniel
  • Dec 1 2012
Good read! Thanks for sharing! It gives insight for women I know who have been abused. God is good and sharing DOES help to heal those who are not as strong as you to release by sharing. Your testimony will truly help many get to a better place. David, I believe you missed your other calling...as a writer! Forget the blog...write a book...or even a movie! It's amazing how much PERCEPTION makes us believe the grass is greener on the other side of the road! No one knows what each of us endure during this journey called life. Keep writing! Love to you and your family!
    • Dec 1 2012
    Carol, I plan on turning the blog with more info into a book. Thanks for the kind words.
Birdel Jackson
  • Dec 13 2012
Truly inspirational my brother. Birdel
  • May 19 2013
Just reading through your blog now, Mr. Moody, and enjoying it immensely. You are an inspiration - I am the mother of a survivor and I constantly seek out examples of people who have overcome and thrived despite the trauma of the past. You are a wonderful example and I am thankful you decided to write this blog. Please DO write a book! You have given me hope.
    • May 19 2013
    Thanks for the kind words and I pray your loved one will enjoy life and thrive. David
Andre Hubbard
  • Mar 1 2018
David I have seen some of your posts and knew you were sharing your story of abuse to help others, but when I read this it boosted my belief even more so that God heals! Thanks for sharing! This is powerful!
Donald Jones
  • Jul 5 2018
There was a reason that I read this today. Thanks in advance for the blessing.

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