We All Have A Story To Share – Lesson 2

  • By dmoody6017
  • On June 13, 2013

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I am excited to write this week’s blog post. I recently received an email from someone about my blog, and they asked me to speak at a conference next week to help other abuse victims. I have received many notes and calls about my blog and the inspiration it has given readers. This email really touched me and confirmed lesson 2 in my life. As I stated in my last blog, I will now write about the things I have learned in my life and in building a business from scratch.
I started this blog for two main reasons; to share my experiences and journey of starting a business over the past 25 years and to share my story of being a sexual abuse survivor. I also want to share how these experiences affected my life and how I found the ability to overcome the trauma, find success and happiness in my life.
Over the last 21 years from the time I finally said out loud I had been sexually abused as a child and talking to other people about my childhood trauma, I have come realize that we all have a story to tell. Sharing our story can help others overcome something challenging in their lives. I learned just when you think your story is bad, you will hear or read someone else’s story and you quickly realize your situation is not the most horrible story that exists. I have learned over the years, not to let myself dwell in pity or sorrow for more than a moment about anything. I learned there are many people who would rather have my situation than the situation they are facing. I also realized we all have story to tell, and when we are ready and the time is right, sharing our story with others can be very helpful to ourselves and others.
Since my last post, life continues to be great for our business and my personal life. Our company recently won one of the Build Georgia Awards for our academic and science building project at Atlanta Metropolitan College. This award is given through the Associated General Contractors, Georgia Chapter. Winning this award is always a great accomplishment. We compete against many excellent projects and contractors. To win makes everyone in our company feel good about all of their hard work. I always enjoy watching great projects being built and seeing our team provide a great finished project with a happy client. We are now approaching the last 90 days on a project that is a very complicated project to build and the CDM team is doing a great job. This project is the Tompkins Hall project at Tuskegee University in Alabama. I will talk more about this project in the coming weeks. Enjoy the youtube video aerial pictures from removing the 100 plus years old trusses and beams through rebuilding the historic building. http://youtu.be/iDg0cc2weS0
I was recently interviewed on an internet radio station about my blog and building a business. I am attaching the link for the interview. Enjoy my radio interview from Monday. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/buildgrowandenjoy/2013/06/10/bge-radio-powered-by-blogtalk#.UbcTXbHIhhU.email I am also attaching the slide show of the project that just won the Build Georgia Award and the award ceremony. C D Moody Construction wins 1st place building award and safety award:
Please enjoy the pictures in the slide show at the top of this post. Included are some pictures of insects and nature in my backyard. It is amazing what is right next to us if we just take time to listen and look at our surroundings.
I am closing with a copy of the email I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Remember we all have a story to tell that can help others grow and help others see we can overcome any challenges in our lives. Enjoy the email below. I got permission to provide this email from the sender. I never disclose anything anyone sends me about my blog unless they give me permission.

Hi David,
I look forward to meeting you next week. I am writing today because this weekend I was reading your most recent blog Dreams 1 May 27, and tears began to run down my face because I needed the encouragement that you shared about having dreams and passion. I wanted to email everyone I know and say just read this man’s blogs. I was not abused as a child and neither of my sons have shared any abuse that they may have, at least not to me, but I was abused as a wife and always wanted to help others who have felt pain, shame and guilt. I knew that this was not the kind of work that would bring financial gains or fame, but I know that it is what I am suppose to do. I feel a sadness when I see or hear about children who suffer at the hands of others, just as I do when a woman is abused. I am not a large organization but I am who God says I am and doing what He has shown me to do. I am blessed just to be alive! I am thankful for everyday.
There have been other goals or dreams along the way, some successful and some not so. Your blog reminded me of all the ups and downs and the many times I’ve wanted to quit. I don’t know why I’m telling you a stranger but I felt lead to share how honored I am that you will share your challenge and your success with us at HisStory. I believe that God places people on our paths for a reason and I know that you as successful as your life has been, will be a great encouragement for someone who will be present. I don’t know who it is but God makes no mistakes and this forum is for someone who needs to know that they too can rise from despair.
See you next Friday.
Keep going for your dreams and remember we all have a story to tell about the obstacles we have overcome. Be happy and make someone else smile today.
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Nice work. Where/when do you speak next week? Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone

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