A New Journey Begins for 2015

  • By dmoody6017
  • On January 28, 2015

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A lot has taken place since my last post and it has been inspiring, uplifting, fun and exciting. I have recently spoken at 3 events. One for a conference on sexual abuse survivors and sexual abuse prevention for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, a new construction class for the Westside Works construction class, and a graduating class of business owner’s for the City of Atlanta. I have gotten comfortable speaking in public on the subject on being a childhood sexual abuse survivor when that is the topic to be discussed. I had my first article that I wrote for Huffington Post published about how travel is healing for me. My number one goal is to be as transparent as possible on my journey of healing from the affects of being a childhood sexual abuse survivor.
I had an opportunity in late November to do a sleep out with other business owners and civic leaders for the Covenant House. The Covenant House helps homeless young adults. It was heartwarming and heartbreaking speaking with many of the young adults that were homeless and they shared why they were homeless. We all can make a positive difference to help others in our communities.
My blog has now been read in 102 countries and has over 19,0000 views. I receive weekly from someone a word of encouragement or a heart-felt thank you for sharing my journey. I know I will always live with the panic attacks, PTSD and fear that comes from being a survivor. This is why I share my story, to help others find God, love, peace and joy internally so we can share it with others.
I recently took a weekend camping trip to Cumberland Island to hike and take pictures of the wildlife, nature and ruins on the island. We picked a very cold weekend to sleep outdoors. We had a great time and the island was beautiful. I had a moment the first night when I almost had a panic attack. I usually camp out in warm weather and my tent is open to the outside. Because it was cold, I used my rain shield to cover my tent from the wind and I couldn’t see the stars or feel the breeze of nature. I woke up during the night in my small tent, I couldn’t see out or feel the breeze. Panic started to come over me because I felt trapped in a small tight space. In the past I might have really started down the road of a full-blown panic attack. Because of my counseling, learning the triggers and coping skills, I gathered myself, opened my rain shield flaps and just breathed and prayed. I was back asleep in about 20 minutes. I share this story because I want others that suffer from panic attacks or know someone who suffers from them to know, that we will always live with them, but we can overcome them with the proper coping skills. I had a great weekend and didn’t let that one episode ruin a great camping trip. I don’t want my blog to ever give the impressive I am free from all affects of my past. I still have moments, but I know how to cope and overcome.
I have some exciting things I am working on for 2015. I will share more about the activities as they take shape. Enjoy the article I wrote for Huffington Post. I have posted some pictures from the last few months. Keep going for your dreams. I am working on a photographic essay book and my theme will be “Finding God, Joy and Inspiration in the midst of Trauma(Chaos)”. It will be my pictures and my journey of healing. I started my photography website Christmas. It is http://www.davemoodyphotography.com check it out when you get time. I am constantly adding pictures to my photography website.
I pray you find a reason to smile everyday and do something to help someone else and don’t expect anything in return.
Here is the link for the Huffington Post article. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/c-david-moody-jr/traveling-is-healing-for-_b_6117166.html

Steve Leveen (@SteveLeveen)
  • Mar 10 2015
Way to go David. I'm so glad we've met at Harvard. All best, Steve
    • Mar 10 2015
    Thanks for the kind words and glad we meet too

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