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Survivor Stories – Patricia

  • By dmoody6017
  • On October 5, 2015

I don’t blame myself for what happened and I’m not ashamed to say YES I was abused as a child but I’m no victim

Letter To A Monster

I writing you this to finally get off my chest! How could u take away my childhood! Instead of being daddy’s little girl u used me as a rag doll. How and why would u do this to me! U were supposed to be a father n protect me instead u used me and my mom done nothing to protect her own daughter from this monster. U get remarried and u allowed the same thing to continue.
I was afraid, scared to tell anybody but guess what I speak out after 30 years!!! This is my JOURNEY to HEALING!!!
Patricia, NY – Personal Story of Healing & Triumph!

My Journey

You think talking about abuse is hard, try living it!
I wrote a 10-page letter about my abuse. I was sexually abused by my real father AND from my mother’s husband who I refuse to call a step-father. The abuse took place when I was a few months old from my real father. After my parent’s got a divorce, the other abuse (from my mom’s new husband) was taking place from ages 8-13. I remember every word and every move. I never told anyone cause I was told he would kill me.

Well, I finally opened up after 30 years and I have survived and lived to tell my story.
What kept me going and helped me to not give up and to keep moving forward, was the strength I found when I had my children. Now, I have moved on and also found strength in my supportive boyfriend who helps to keep me going!
I keep my mind on positive things and the bad memories are stored away in my memory bank. I keep busy with my life and through this new found strength by sharing my story, I want to help and inspire others! By talking about my story, I’m not ashamed anymore; I moved on and am flying free!!!!
Break the SILENCE



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