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Survivor Stories – Kathy Picard

  • By dmoody6017
  • On October 13, 2015

A Letter To A Monster

As I write this letter I think why didn’t I have the fun, normal childhood that is every little girls wish? Instead I had one that was with a Monster of a Dad! The not being able to go out and Kathy Picardplay with my friends in the backyard but instead having you this Monster call me into the house to play with you.

Not being able to have those peaceful nights of sleep and have pleasant dreams. Instead I was woken by you the Monster at my bedside wanting me to stay awake and not sleep.

While most little girls would be scared of a scrape from falling off their bikes or falling off a swing, I was hurt by you in the actions that you did to me as a young, shy, innocent child. These actions that will be a part of my life forever as a young girl.

Today, I don’t let these actions rule me as they did when I had no control as a little girl. As an adult I am living a Safe,happy filled life that you don’t exist in. I have let in the family that I chose in my life. The ones that will never hurt me again.

My day in court is around the corner. To face you in court for the long awaited trial to get the justice that I deserve. The truth will be told and then I can close this chapter of my life.

Your actions I will never forgive, ever! I just hope you didn’t do what you did to me to any other family members.

I have been a sexual abuse prevention advocate for many, many years. I have fought with our politicians to change the laws in Masssachusetts to give survivors more time to get the justice they deserve. The laws for criminal and civil have been extended in 2006 and 2014. Please know that you CAN stop these abusers from harming others by speaking up as I did. You are NOT alone and you will be believed! If you google my name much will appear, Kathy Picard Ludlow, MA. I hope by next year to have my book published. Should you wish to be on the list to know when it is available contact me at

Kathy Picard-survivor


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