Survivor Stories – Akili Worthy

Letter to my shackles…

I never thought I’d address you, because until now I didn’t know how. For years I have tried to figure out your origin. Where did you come from and why did you pick me to tie down, shame, Akili Worthyconfuse and limit? I looked for a reason…perhaps I wasn’t smart enough, pretty enough or simply enough of anything…
Weight has been gained, friends have been lost, health compromised, trust broken and growth has been stunted…at least that was the case until I realized that you (the shackles) weren’t real, the shackles were just an illusion.
The men who dishonored me did so because they had no honor for themselves. While I don’t excuse their behavior I forgive them. I couln’t do this until I realized that the abuse was separate from the “story” I told about it. The abuse happened, but the “story/shackle” about how I wasn’t smart, loveable, valuable or simply enough, was created by me.
My God! So much freedom lies in this realization. Now shackles, I have to thank you for allowing me to learn this life altering lesson. Some of my life’s purpose was born during the long, arduous labor associated with this lesson. From pain I’ve found peace, and I hope I can be an instrument of healing for others.
Akili Worthy

4 thoughts on “Survivor Stories – Akili Worthy

  1. thank you for sharing – you are so brave and have overcome so much! everyday i read the stories and am moved – I thank each one for sharing – it has me thinking so much about my own life and realizing there are so many out there who would understand

    take care,

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