Turning Dreams into Reality- My Observation

  • By dmoody6017
  • On November 9, 2015

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Turning dreams into reality – My observations
Here are simple observations (in random order) from my own life. I believe we all need to have certain factors in place so that we can chase our dreams until we no longer are on this earth. I believe our dreams change with age, but we should never stop dreaming and trying.
1. We need someone in our lives who is our own personal cheerleader, telling us we are capable, worthy and smart enough to chase our dreams. We are never to old to have a cheerleader, especially if we didn’t have one when we were young. As we age, we have to be that person who is a cheerleader for others, telling them and showing them they are capable, worthy and smart enough to chase their dreams.
2. We have to be willing to put the work in, do things the right way, be patient, and accept the fact that there is no shortcut we can take to turn our dreams into reality. We must accept and adjust as our dreams change with time.
3. We need to be loved in a healthy and nurturing way. And we must be able to give love that is healthy and nurturing to others in return.
4. We need to believe in a higher being. There are all types of religions. Many people don’t believe in any religion. My personal story involves growing in my faith and trusting my faith. I have expanded my mind to see and hear and I let my actions represent my faith. My faith has carried me when no one else – especially my own strength – could have carried me through the tough times of life. Every day, I need my faith to carry me.
5. We can’t let our past control today or the future. We all have individual life stories. Many are often hard to overcome. One of the most critical items in our lives – HOPE – is created when someone in our lives believes in us and gives us words of encouragement; when we give and receive healthy and nurturing love; when we work hard and get the help necessary to release our pasts and believe in our dreams; and when we believe in a higher being.
DREAM BIG! Dreams can become reality if we work with hope, love, and faith to release our pasts – and if we fight through the fear, help others, and expect nothing in return. As we live our lives, we will do some incredible things – bigger than we ever dreamed!
Remember to smile every day, and make some else smile. The journey of life is awesome! Picture life differently if you want a different view.
Just my personal observations from my journey of life to date.

Ryshaard Davis
  • Nov 9 2015
Outstanding! Just what I needed to hear! Please keep sharing your thoughts and inspirations. They are very helpful especially for us pursuing our own construction and architecture dreams. Thank you
  • Nov 10 2015
Thank you for your inspiration - much appreciated, Anthony
    • Nov 10 2015
    You are most welcome and thanks for the kind words.
Charles Moody
  • Nov 14 2015
Thanks for sharing. Love, Dad Sent from my iPad

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