Hope Is Universal

  • By dmoody6017
  • On March 20, 2016

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I just returned from my annual working mission trip to Honduras. As I was lying in my bunk one night on the ranch, I thought about my journey in life. I reflected on the people we were helping in Honduras. I realized how important hope is in our lives. With hope we can do some incredible things. Because hope gives us the energy and the courage to never give up. Please enjoy the pictures from my recent mission trip and my first poem I have ever written. It is called hope
Have you ever felt like you’ve lost all hope?
Like you’re treading water and barely staying afloat.
You’re constantly thinking about your past, you feel helpless,like you’re falling so fast.
Now you’re feeling alone and there’s silence like there’s no one home.
Hope is fading until the day that you start praying.
Once you begin to believe you start to feel relieved.
Because now you know you can cope because in faith, you’ve found hope.
Even though the journey won’t be easy, you are no longer afraid.
Because there’s strength in praying and believing in your faith.
Affirmation that love is now in place.
With a new found courage, you can move forward, yet should you have pause to reexamine your life’s scope, whatever the view, it holds no fear for you because faith has rewarded you with Hope.
By C. David Moody Jr and edited by Steve Copeland.

Charles Benton Jr
  • Mar 20 2016
I too! have found that the word hope has power that's beyond measure, hope has built empires that to this day stand as testament hope carry,s dreams,prayers and all things thats can be manifested in to reality I have often said that once you loss hope you have lost everything but to keep hope eternal is to whole life so people please never loss Hope for it is the only key that unlocks all doors and gives us as the power as Humans Who rules EARTH.

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