For Just a Moment …….

As you look at the pictures of the sunsets and listen to the videos on the beach, imagine for just a moment, the world is still. We would listen to the waves every evening. Karla and I would have the beach to ourselves at night. We would watch the sunset and stay late into the night, we listened to the waves and we didn’t have to speak, we just held hands. We wrapped up in the beach towels and then I would drift off into the best sleep. Nature and your life’s partner equals a beautiful calm feeling. Those nights just the two of us on the beach, there were no decisions to make, no questions to answer, no demand of our time, the world stood still for just a minute, the entire world was at peace for just a moment. Thankful for those small moments of peace and quiet.

For those of us that deal with PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks caused by a trauma in our lives, we appreciate anytime we have a moment to be still in complete peace.

Never give up the journey of healing. Life is good, even when it seems tough. We are strong.



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