My Wife Karla is the Best

  • By dmoody6017
  • On June 22, 2017

As we approach Karla’s 61st birthday this Saturday, I’ll share a little about this special woman, and tell you why she is so special to our family and to me.
In 1990, she became a registered nurse. She served as a hospice nurse for 20 years before retiring.
In 1992, I said out loud for the first time to anyone that I had been sexually abused as a child. The person I told was Karla.
My life turned upside down a few months after sharing this information.
Here is an excerpt from my book, “Fighting Through the Fear: My Journey of Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse,” that partially describes the aftermath of revealing that childhood secret.
I had my second major panic attack while I was out of town, and I returned home to Karla:
“For the second time in a year, I was reeling from sudden and random onsets of extreme fear, mental confusion, dizziness, and physical weakness. After this happened, I knew I was dying. My mother-in-law had a brain tumor, so I knew I had to have had one too. That could be the only explanation for what was happening to me.
Karla is strong, but I could see the fear in her eyes. We were young with two kids and a new business that was yet to make us financially secure. How could she make if I died?
“What is wrong with me?” I asked her one day. “Why can’t I shake this?”
“I don’t know, but we will find out,” Karla responded.
“Suppose I have something bad and I am dying.”
She just looked at me. “Whatever it is, we will survive it,” she whispered.
“I am so sorry this happening to you,” I sighed with tears in my eyes.
Karla said “I love you. We married for better or worse.”
Wow! What a powerful statement. But I still felt like a loser, a failure.
I couldn’t lead my family. Having Karla take care of me was appalling. I am the man! My role is to be the chief breadwinner and caregiver of the family.
We were both 36 years old. Karla had been a registered nurse for two years. Now she had this husband falling apart on her. She had to drive me, hold my hand, and constantly tell me, “You’re OK. It’s all gonna be OK.”
This is one of the many reasons why Karla will always be the love of my life. When I was a broken man, she didn’t abandon me. She dug deep and stayed by my side. She said, “For better or worse, we are together.”
When I completely broke down emotionally and we didn’t know what was happening to me, she didn’t run or quit. She hunkered down and with God’s mercy, she nursed me back to health.
I learned a very valuable lesson during this time. In a good working relationship, there are no gender-specific roles. You are a team, and one doesn’t quit on the other when you need each other the most. I learned in 1992 what “for better or worse” really means.
Buy my book at moodyspeaks or on Amazon. Portions of the profits help other childhood sexual abuser survivors heal and enjoy life.

  • Jun 22 2017
Heart dancing, cliff hanging tribute...I'm at the edge of my seat!! Praise God for wives that love deep. Praise God for husbands with courage to come clean of pain. Praise God for family wholeness. Beautiful tribute!
Sharon Rodgers
  • Jun 22 2017
I think Karla is the best, too, David. The best friend and the best and most loving person I have ever had the privilege to have as a friend. She is loving and genuinely kind. If you don't know what to do in a situation, she will help you find a solution. If you don't know how to fix something, she'll fix it for you. She has a purse that will come up with anything you need. And a purse that is small. Wow! How does she do that! She has a smile that will help you get through anything. She is so much fun to be around, that she lifts your days and makes you a happy person too. She is my girl, my bestie, and I love her to pieces. Wishing Karla Knox Moody an early Happy Birthday and a happy everyday!
Marshalita Sims Peterson
  • Jun 22 2017
Karla is one of the kindest persons that I have ever met. She has a beautiful spirit, lovely smile, and a caring heart. I am blessed of God to be able to have her as "my friend". Marshalita
LaVaughn King
  • Jun 27 2017
I Have never met Karla in person, however through divine spirit I have been blessed to Witness her love and devotion to her husband. I read the book and I commented she is beautiful inside and out! Gratitude for such a great role model. Peacefully And loving LaVaughn
    • Jun 27 2017
    Thanks for the kind words and reading my book. I hope you found it a good read.
  • Jul 1 2017
Look forward to reading your book.What an inspirational testimony to share. I know sharing your story has made an impact on others who may be suffering in silence from similar abuse. Your wife Karla is the epitome of what strong relationships are made from.. loving a person through the good and the bad.
Fred Hull Jr.
  • Oct 19 2017
Charles / Karla it's ben over 30 years since we spoke. I do recall my not honoring a wedding invitation which to this day I regret for personal reasons we never discussed. Our lives can change moment to moment without notice. The test of our promise is written in the storm. I always considered you a friend and your testimony has encouraged so many. We must allays remember the heavens never promised any of us an easy existence. This race we are in is not won by the swift but by those who can endure. Fred Hull Jr.
    • Oct 19 2017
    Fred it is great to hear from you. Man it has been a long time, hope you are well.

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