Anxiety and Triggers

  • By dmoody6017
  • On November 29, 2019

Anxiety and Triggers

There are millions of people that live with anxiety for many different reasons. I share my story to help others have hope in dealing with anxiety.

Being an entrepreneur, husband, father is tough enough to navigate, but add in anxiety from a childhood trauma can sometimes stop you in your tracks.

Triggers cause anxiety to be heightened and I have learned my triggers. Just because I have learned my triggers, doesn’t mean they don’t affect me. My triggers are when I feel someone is trying to take advantage of me, my family, my team at CDM, or when someone lies to me. My biggest trigger is when someone that is in a power position, feel than use their power to take advantage of you regardless of what is fair and right. As an entrepreneur this can be tough for me to navigate, because someone is always in a position of power over you with a contract. I have been blessed with many great projects, but occasionally people try to take advantage of me and will lie to me for a dollar. Over the years I have had to learn to stay professional and not let the triggers take me to being a person that I would say things that was unprofessional, because the triggers brought back bad memories. I promised myself I would never let anyone hurt me like that again, nor would I ever be silent again.

I pray often for guidance when my triggers have been pulled by someone. I have been so angry when I have felt wronged that I couldn’t see straight, but with therapy, prayer and people to discuss my feelings, I navigate the right way to solve the situation.

I share this because when I was deep in the wilderness with anxiety, there was no one that shared their story and I felt alone and broken. I finally learned I am not broken or alone. Anxiety from my childhood trauma actually has made me a more compassionate person and willing to share to help others heal.

If you are dealing with anxiety, panic attacks or PTSD, don’t give up. You are stronger than you realize and you are not alone. Get the therapy that is best for you. We not only survive, we can thrive.


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