Ever since I turned 60 years old, as each birthday approaches, I take time to think about my journey to date and what is next for me in my life. This upcoming birthday and the pandemic has me asking myself this question. “Can inner peace really exist in our lives or just moments of calm in our lives? This is what I have determined is the answer to that question in my life. I control the inner peace in my life, regardless of how many thing I don’t control. How I react to situations, how long I allow something to disturb my inner peace is up to me. If my faith and trust in God is what I say it is, then I have to face the things that disturb my inner peace with that trust and faith in God. Do the best I can do, and truly let whatever it is run it’s course. It has taken me decades to finally realize how little I can or actual control in my life. What I do control is how I prepare for life and react when life’s challenges impact my inner peace. As I was out hiking alone today. I realized it is up to me how much and long I have inner peace in my life. I need to continue to pray, prepare, rest, love, trust God, give of myself, laugh, eat healthy, exercise and not allow things I have no control over, only impact my inner peace for just a moment. I must do as they teach us when rafting in rough waters. First wear my life jacket and helmet and if I fall in, don’t panic and fight against the current. Cross my arms, put my feet in front of me and let the current take me down stream until help arrives or I make it safely to shore. In other words, don’t fight upstream when life’s challenges arrive, be prepared, don’t panic and for me just go with the flow. I will eventually have help arrive or reach a safe place. I control my inner peace! (Even though I live with anxiety, anxiety doesn’t control me or my inner peace) the beauty of aging is seeing life more clearly.

(Picture after hiking today and watering our garden)

Edna Mason
  • May 17 2020
This just helped me as I took my son to hospital and found he has an enlarged heart and a blood clot in his heart. He is 30 and I'm gonna have to let dinner peace help me through this. At least he is in the hospital in the best hands on cardiac floor.

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