Love Is Powerful

  • By dmoody6017
  • On June 13, 2020

As I get older and look back over my journey to date, over the last 40 plus years, the one thing that has been solid and constant in my relationship and journey is Karla. We didn’t like each other in high school, we both were in love with other people in our younger days. We became friends, even though we dated other people, we stayed friends. When we both broke up with the other folks, we reconnected at 23 and dated off and on for the next 3 years and finally at 26 years old, we got serious about us. Before we got married we made a promise to each other, we agreed if either one of us came to a point in the relationship that we were unhappy, miserable, or wanted a relationship outside of our marriage, instead of sneaking around, lying or being miserable, we would go our separate ways. We both agreed life is to short to be miserable in a relationship. We agreed and off we went on this journey. We have had our bumps along the way, but our commitment to God and love to each other can’t be broken. When I look back, God put Karla in my life because I would need a loving, nurturing, strong woman in my life. Because little did I know how my life would one day be turned upside down from being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I found out in 1992, when I had complete nervous breakdown from finally addressing I had been sexually abused as a child. The shame, the embarrassment just overwhelmed me, I was now broken and falling apart. In 1992 Nobody talked about the impact it has on the survivor. Here I was, a big strong man broken and falling apart from something I buried from my childhood. Fortunately I had super woman Karla, who had recently finished nursing school, became an RN. I should have been in a hospital, but our business was only 4 years old, we had 2 small kids, if I stopped working, the business would have died. Karla worked the night shift and weekends at the hospital, and during the day she would help me get ready, drive me to meetings, & the job sites. If Karla hadn’t had the strength and courage to help me during this time of brokenness, the business nor I would have survived. I thank God for Karla, great therapy and for giving me the courage to get back up and fight to heal and allowing me to have an incredible life. I speak up so others don’t have to suffer in silence and show you love is powerful. Read moodyspeaks.com for more on our journey or buy my book at moodyspeaks.com or amazon.

  • Jun 13 2020
Hi David - yes; love is the most powerful. I admire reading your words and admire your courage and the incredible support fromy Karla, your life partner.
Lawrence Harris
  • Jun 17 2020
What’s up Moody? This is Iron Head!

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