Countdown to 39 years of marriage: story #1

  • By dmoody6017
  • On November 8, 2021

This was was our first house we bought. It was 1984 in St Mtn Ga. We paid $78,000, it was 1,600 SF. We had to borrow $3,000 from the bank for our down payment. Our parents didn’t help us, they said you are married, figure it out. Our payment was $790 a month. By March 1985 we had our 1st child and by November 1986 we had our second child, and we decided Karla would stay home. She did telemarketing and made about $100 a week. I was making $600 a week before taxes. We were struggling to make ends meet. Karla never pressed me about a certain life style. I remember telling her, if I can get us out of debt, we will never again have a lot of debt and we will one day have more coming in with income than what is going out to bills. I had many sleepless nights and Karla collected coupons and stretched every dollar. We had to swallow our pride and go to our mortgage company and credit card companies and ask for some relief and we told them how much we could pay monthly until we can get on our feet. They agreed and we kept our word on payment. We cut off cable and every other luxury. Even went to single ply toilet paper, but I told Karla let’s find something else to give up. A date night was going to the bookstore and browse and dream that one day things will get better. Karla went to nursing school and became a RN and by 1991 things were turning around. This is why we say never give up, have patience, pray, work as a team and enjoy the journey.


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