Countdown to 39 years of marriage. Lesson #2

  • By dmoody6017
  • On November 9, 2021

How easily Karla and I went from doing decent financially to struggling 1 year after getting married.

Reflecting on our upcoming 39th wedding anniversary and remembering our journey. We got married in 1982, I was a staff architect making $18,500 a year and Karla was a hospital billing clerk making $10,000 per year. (she was a bill collector) Rent was only $350 a month and we had minimum bills. We had no a/c, no dishwasher in our townhouse, but we were happy and could pay all of our bills and save a few dollars every pay period. Then I got the bright idea of let’s move to Atlanta. The reason was the stress we both felt during the holidays. Because both sets of parents lived in Ann Arbor, plus Karla’s parents were divorced so that added a 3rd set of parents. We got tired in one year of the stress of who’s house we would visit and when for the holidays and trying to see everyone on the actual holiday. (That is why when our kids turned 18, we told them, they could spend their holidays however they wish. No stress from us)

So I decided in 1983 let’s move to Atlanta. My great idea of moving quickly became a disaster. Karla and I left great jobs, and the company I came to work for in Atlanta went bankrupt two months after we moved. Karla hadn’t found a job and now we are both out of work. I felt so bad, because it was my idea to move. So our savings was used to survive. I finally got a job, but when you need a job to live, you tend to take anything to pay your bills. Karla still was looking for a job and finally found one. We learned from that time that once you get behind in your bills and use your saving to survive and no job for a while, it takes time to recover. So this is how we went from doing decent financially to being broke and struggling. (Karla never threw the decision in my face when we started struggling.) The good part of the story, what I thought was my worst day when that company went bankrupt and no job, actually was my best day, because 4 years later I became an Entreprenuer. I probably never would have tried to be an Entreprenuer if that company had not gone bankrupt and I was out looking for job. I decided then, if possible, I would be my own boss one day. Moral of the story: sometimes what we think is our worst day is actually God preparing us for our best days ahead!

Charles Benton jr
  • Nov 9 2021
Amen all day long getting us ready for better.
Andrea TheoJohn
  • Nov 10 2021
Isn't that funny how blessings work? Sometimes it takes what looks like misfortune to shape us into who we need to be in order to get to our next level. I love that she didn't throw that decision to move in your face, even though at the time it seemed like the wrong decision. And I also love that you recognize the challenge of holidays (trying to figure that out now with my new hubby). Thanks for always sharing your stories and advice - they are making a difference out here!

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