Finding work life balance and entrepreneurship

  • By dmoody6017
  • On November 14, 2021

Looking back the toughest part of entrepreneurship for me, was not making payroll or surviving in business or healing from a childhood trauma. It was to find the right balance as a dad, husband, entrepreneur while trying to heal from a trauma from childhood. I choose trying to be a good dad over trying to have a huge business while the kids lived at home. I always made time, to coach, scouting, volunteer at school, chaperone events. My healing was secondary. Most Sunday’s after church we visited our construction sites. Our kids learned how to use a porta john at a early age. When each kid was a senior in high school, I would make breakfast for them as often as possible and we would talk. I knew that their senior year would be the last time they ever lived at home full time under our guidance. I prayed daily back then that they didn’t hate me being a entrepreneur and I was present enough in their lives to have a positive impact. Family life, marriage and entrepreneurship is a tough balancing act. I am so thankful that Karla and I are about to celebrate 39 years of marriage. Karla helped me stay balanced and took over for me at home with the kids when I had to spend more time than normal in business or dealing with the impact of my childhood trauma was taking on me. It took me to 65 to go for it in big way. Now we are working in 5 states and I am enjoying every minute of it. In 2020 cognitive behavioral therapy allowed me to finally put my childhood trauma where it belongs in my life. I am now going to see what can I really do as an entrepreneur. Kids are grown and doing well and Karla and I are ready to see what can we really do as business owners. Never give up! #teamwork #worklifebalance

Edna Mason
  • Nov 14 2021
Amen bless you kind heart

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