The Day I Knew Trauma was Real

  • By dmoody6017
  • On November 18, 2021

Sharing a mental health moment: I remember like yesterday. It was the early 1990’s, I was called to jury duty. I was selected as a potential juror on a sexual assault case. The attorneys were questioning the potential jurors. They asked the question. “Do any of you know someone or personally been a victim of sexual assault or sexual abuse?” I froze, this was first time in my life I was asked this question. I was still in denial. My heart started to race, because how would I answer this question in front of strangers. I raised my hand to answer, I panicked, I was not ready, I was to ashamed, I was embarrassed, I couldn’t say the words. I said someone close to me was, then the attorney said how close, I said a cousin. I couldn’t say the words in public, that it was me that had been abused. I realized that day, this trauma was real and I had long road to go. Impacts of trauma is real. The good news we can turn trauma into triumph.


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