Preparing to hike Mt Kilimanjaro

  • By dmoody6017
  • On December 16, 2022

There was time when I didn’t think I would recover and heal from the trauma of being a childhood sexual abuse survivor. I never gave up hope on healing. I decided in 2021 to get a trauma therapist and do cognitive behavioral therapy. Best decision I ever made on my journey. Now I am preparing to hike Mt Kilimanjaro in January. At 66 years old I plan on leaving that childhood trauma on the mountain top. Listen to the video about anxiety and training for this hike.

  • Dec 16 2022
It's been too long and I'm so happy for you getting to conquer Mt Kilimanjaro. I can't believe you're 66, Dave. From this video you look like you're in your early 50's at the oldest. Whatever you are doing... KEEP doing it. God bless you, dear Mr. David Moody.
Jane Bonvillain
  • Dec 16 2022
All the best and wishing you travel mercies on this new journey. God speed!

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