Healing is possible. I found it in Africa

  • By dmoody6017
  • On March 12, 2023

This trip changed my life. I deal with anxiety and panic attacks from a childhood trauma. I went on this adventure to face all the things that were impacting me from being free in my soul and being present with those I love, and performing at the highest level professionally because I spent so much time daily with my thoughts on the anxiety of my childhood trauma, that I couldn’t focus on my task I was doing at the time. For me, I relived the trauma everyday throughout the day. The constant triggers never seem to stop for long for me. Enjoy the pictures in the video and hopefully you can see why my life was changed in an awesome way. God and I had great talks and I shed many tears of joy Along the way. I came home ready for the next phase of my life at 66 years old. My trauma therapist and I are working on a podcast to share how he prepared me for this adventure and for me to be open to find the answers to questions I have carried my entire life from my childhood trauma. My trauma therapist helped me deal with a nervous breakdown in 2020. I knew in 2020 I didn’t want a breakdown like in 1992 when I was broken and could barely function, so I went and found a trauma therapist in 2020 and did cognitive behavior therapy. I knew in 2020 I could no longer try and heal my way of just powering through and never resting. My family’s love and God’s grace and mercy kept me going throughout the years. I no longer just power through anxiety to exhaustion, trying run from my childhood trauma and avoid facing that it really happened to me as a kid. With the help of my trauma therapist and a question Tyler Perry asked me in his office in 2019 about healing, I found the answers in Africa pushing myself up Mt Kilimanjaro and then spending 2 weeks with Karla on Safari. God and Love is real and powerful to me. Real healing is possible and beautiful. https://youtu.be/jqV0xrd3ujY #mtkilimanjaro #hiking #healing #safari #tanzania #healing #anxiety #trauma #god

  • Mar 12 2023
God and love are real - AMEN!

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