One man’s victory over childhood sexual abuse. C. David Moody, Jr was a typical American middle class kid growing in the 1960’s. He played sports, went to college and professional school, had girlfriends, joined a fraternity. Later, he got married, had two children, and built a successful business. But the aftermath of revealing a devastating secret-he had been sexually abused as child-almost killed him.

Sudden panic attacks. A complete nervous breakdown. Years of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Fear, shame, embarrassment, guilt, self-doubt and worry. It took decades of proper counseling; a loving and safe environment; building his spiritual faith; and forgiving his abuser, that gave him the courage to face his past, live in the present, and speak truth to other childhood sexual survivors. This book details his harrowing personal journey and healing all while raising a family and building a successful business. He learned to Fight Through The Fear.