My story is one that you might have heard before.

Born and raised in a loving household, I was sexually abused by my babysitter. Unable to tell my parents, I carried this experience into adulthood.

Still, I got married, had two children, raised them with my loving wife Karla, and built a successful construction company in Atlanta, Georgia USA.

One fateful day, after learning that another family member had been sexually abused, I told  Karla about my own childhood sexual abuse (CSA). The aftermath of revealing that devastating secret almost killed me.

Sudden panic attacks. A complete nervous breakdown. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Fear, shame, embarrassment, guilt, self-doubt, and worry.

It took years of proper counseling, a loving and safe environment, building my spiritual faith, and deciding to unilaterally forgive my abuser that gave me the strength to face my past, live in the present, and speak truth to other CSA survivors.

Moody Speaks is my way of helping those who are on the journey of healing from CSA, as well as those who waiting to take the first step. The goal is to share important information and show that we survivors that can do incredible things in our lives, be happy, and not let our pasts control us.

You WILL get through this. You can make it. Regardless of how hard it is right now, life is still good.”

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