Reflections on 30 Years in Business: The Day I Met Herman Russell

Reflections on the 30th anniversary of CD Moody Construction Company: Meeting Herman J. Russell It was a hot evening in August 1974, and we had just finished two-a-days at football practice at Morehouse College. I was a freshman from Ann Arbor, Michigan. A teammate from Atlanta asked me to go with him to a friend’s… Read More

My Harvard Project – Helping Others Heal

   Thank you, Harvard University! Here’s an edited version of remarks I delivered on November 19, 2015 during the Advanced Leadership Initiative’s Final Symposium at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. I want to say “Thank you” to Harvard, the faculty, staff, and my fellow cohorts. You gave me the courage to tackle a topic… Read More

Don’t Fight It – Go With The Flow

Welcome back to moodyspeaks. I have been gone longer than usual between posts since I started my blog. I am being my own science experiment and I wanted to have some observations to share with you on this post. As I wrote in my last post, I was finally at a point in my life… Read More

55 The Magic Number – Change – 2011

55 The Magic Number – Change – 2011 Welcome back to moody speaks. In just a few short weeks the blog will be talking about my 25th anniversary in business. Just writing this blog has made me realize how fast time goes by and the ups and downs of life. I realize how much adversity… Read More

The Happy Empty Nesters – 2005

The Happy Empty Nesters – 2005 Welcome back  for another post of moodyspeaks. We have 8 more post until the 25th anniversary of C D Moody Construction Company. Wow, I can’t believe we will have made 25 years in business and we still love being in business. I must admit in 25 years of owning… Read More

In the Beginning

Welcome to MoodySpeaks! I will be celebrating 25 years in business in April 2013, and decided it would be great to do a blog about my journey. This blog will focus on my journey in life and how I started C.D. Moody Construction Company and reaching this 25-year milestone. My journey started on the Southside… Read More