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When David Moody decided to publicly speak about his own childhood sexual abuse, he decided to create a platform to help others in various stages of healing from such abuse.  This website provides resources, inspiration and motivation for those who are on the journey of healing and recovery.  David’s journey is one that speaks volumes of the power of the human spirit.

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I wrote this poem about imaginary fear. Dealing with panic attacks, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) caused by the trauma of childhood sexual abuse created  imaginary fears in my mind that would sometimes stop me in my tracks. I am now writing poems to go with positive sayings I developed on my journey of healing.… Read More

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I have always enjoyed taking pictures. In the past I was focused on taking pictures of buildings and events. When I took pictures before 2013, I really didn’t see through my camera’s lens like I do now. Before 2013, I just took  a picture to get the shot over and go to the next picture.… Read More

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I just returned from my annual working mission trip to Honduras. As I was lying in my bunk one night on the ranch, I thought about my journey in life. I reflected on the people we were helping in Honduras. I realized how important hope is in our lives. With hope we can do some… Read More

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   The American Dream project This is a national project and everyday for several weeks a new story from someone. I hope you will enjoy this video on why having hope, dreaming big and giving back is important. Everyday a nice story from someone around the country.  I hope you enjoy my story. Here is… Read More

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   Here are the segments links from the show on childhood sexual abuse I did that aired on March 5. My story is segment 1&2. Segment 3&4 is about prevention from the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy. We are helping others heal and find joy. Thanks for all of your support. Please start with segment… Read More

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   “My name is Suzanne Alden, and I am a survivor of child sexual abuse by my father, from the time I was a preschooler through age 12. The trauma and shame from these experiences was so deep and so complete that I no longer wanted to live, struggled to love myself, and battled with… Read More

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“David is a champion of courage for other survivors. A respected and successful businessman, David made the choice to come forward and tell his story publicly so that others might find the courage to share their stories as well. I am proud to know and support David’s work.”

I began working with David Moody in 2012 when he agreed to share his story for a new version of Stewards of Children, Darkness to Light’s award-winning educational program for adults on how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. Through this program, David’s story has been heard by hundreds of thousands of adults who are learning the important skills needed to protect children. His courage is helping others break their silence. As a tireless advocate for all survivors and the importance of prevention, he is truly changing the way we think about and respond to the problem of child sexual abuse. He has been a true gift to all of us at Darkness to Light.


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