Where Do I Go From Here???

  • By dmoody6017
  • On June 26, 2014

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Update on July 28, 2014. A video has been added at the end of the post.
Welcome back to moodyspeaks. I have reach the crossroads of my blog. Where do I go from here??? It has been a great experience, a healing experience, a spiritual experience and a learning experience writing my blog. I started my blog on October 3, 2012. I had no idea what I would write for each post and I never imagined my blog would be read in over 80 countries. The most amazing fact for me is since October 3, 2012, there has only been 1 day that someone somewhere in the world didn’t read a post in my blog. I have been humbled by the readership and responses. To date there has been over 16,183 views of my blog. I never dreamed my blog would go on this long, or the subject of being a childhood sexual abuse survivor would impact so many people in the world. This blog started as a way to celebrate 25 years in business yet God had another plan for my blog. My blog also shared the impact on my life from suffering from PTSD, panic attacks and other items from being a childhood sexual abuse survivor. My blog also talked about healing, hope, love and my walk with God on this journey of life and healing.
The responses to date have been overwhelming and positive. I use to feel all alone on this journey of healing before starting my blog. I have become aware of many survivors that exist in this world from sexual abuse.  I have kept writing about my journey of healing to keep giving hope to others and a voice to those that still suffer in silence. That is why I am asking now, where do I go from here??? How do I keep helping others heal? How do I keep giving others hope that not just surviving but thriving is possible in life? I want others to know who suffer from any type of childhood abuse that we can be happy, have great careers and a enjoyable life. We will never forget the past hurt and trauma, but it doesn’t have to consume us or take our joy. I remember when I hit my lowest point in 1992 and thought I would never recover from my panic attacks and PTSD. I look back and know there is a God, because only the grace of God, the good people God put in my life to recover, got me to where I am today. I wish I could have found someone who shared their story of overcoming childhood sexual abuse when I was suffering and didn’t think I would make it.
Where do I go from here??? Do I keep sharing my journey of healing? I never dreamed I would have the courage to tell the world I had been sexually abused as a child and I suffered from PTSD and panic attacks. I knew in my heart I had to one day help others that suffered in silence and I didn’t know how I would help. Then I started my blog and my blog became the way I would help other survivors. I have never been a writer or dreamed of writing. I just knew speaking from the heart and being transparent was the best way to get my journey of healing across to others in the world. .
I have no idea where I go from here on this journey of life. I am excited about the future, my business and this journey. Enjoy some recent pictures of nature, and a recently completed construction project. I am going to close with the names of every country that someone has read my blog. Until I write again. May God keep you, and you keep enjoying this journey of life. Embrace everyday like there is no tomorrow. Keep going for your dreams and never give up and smile everyday. Give love and allow yourself to receive love from others. Remove the things and people who keep you from your joy. Remember we all have a story, and it is up to us how it ends. I love you all and I pray that you exceed your greatest dreams. Please pray I hear and follow what is next on my journey of sharing my story to give others hope and help others heal. When you can, help someone else and expect nothing in return.
Here is the list of all the countries where my blog has been read. USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Brazil, India, Russian, Republic of Korea, Panama, South Africa, Philippines, Mexico, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Bermuda, Jamaica, New Zealand, Malaysia, Bahamas, Japan, Jordan, Ireland, France, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Puerto Rico, Palestine, Spain, Algeria, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Iraq, Pakistan, Italy, Costa Rico, Sweden, Argentina, Honduras, Morocco, Nigeria, Finland, Poland, Yemen, Portugal, Barbados, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Thailand, Ghana, Cyprus, Dominica, Kenya, Cayman Islands, Croatia, Israel, Guyana, Ecuador, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Kuwait, Tunisia, Syrian, Peru, Guatemala, Djibouti, Romania, Taiwan, Chile, Lithuania, Qatar, Turkey, Slovenia, Angola, Oman, Denmark, Colombia, Bahrain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece, Dominican Republic, Nepal, Nicaragua
When you have time please view my survivor story video produced by Darkness to Light. The filming was done 2 years ago and recently this segment was released on YouTube.

Chandra Norton
  • Jun 26 2014
You don’t stop. Stopping means you think you have reached everyone you can possibly help. Unfortunately, we know are many victims yet to surface. So, where do you go from here — on to help the next victim who hasn’t yet found this place of refuge. You go on to help the ones who will need it when they think they are all alone and don’t have the answers — future business leaders, husbands, wives, sons, and daughters. My friend, your work is not over. May God continue to bless and heal you. Chandra Chandra M. Norton, Esq. | President & CEO CamKen Consulting, Inc. 6525 The Corners Parkway | Suite 214 Norcross, GA 30092 404.745.9000 Ph. | 404.745.9004 Fax
T. Foxx
  • Jun 28 2014
You must continue to inspire!!! BOOKS ~ you are serving so many..... Thank You for Authenticity!! I Appreciate the Moody's !!
Nancy Chandler
  • Jun 30 2014
Dave: just thinking of the thousands that you have helped with your blog! It is amazing and I know that your words have helped people all over the world. Thank you also for letting so many people know about the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy and our work to help abused children. We so appreciate you and all you have done. It's ok to take a rest...but don't go too far away! Nancy
Jeff Hairston
  • Jul 16 2014
Reblogged this on A Wounded Healer: Survivor of Childhood Abuse and commented: This inspires me in my embryonic blogging phase.
Jeff Hairston
  • Jul 16 2014
Thank you for your inspiring words. They validate. They promote healing.
  • Jul 21 2014
I am so glad to come across your site. It truly is a blessing to hear a black man on childhood abuse. Revelation 12:11Truly we shall overcame issues by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of your testimony. I live in the east metro area and I know for sure there is a need for your testimony in Jerusalem. I came to your site for a job, but look what the Lord has done. Your testimony has been a encourage to me. Praise God!
    • Jul 21 2014
    Keep going for your dreams and enjoying this journey of life.
  • Aug 26 2014
Thank you for this inspiring message. I had often wondered how I could express this to my child as well and you articulated it perfectly. Thank you for speaking on child abuse. This was healing.
  • Sep 27 2014
Dear Sir I am a facilitator for the Stewards of Children training. Your ability to talk about your story, your journey and your healing has made the most impact on me. You have great gems of insight and advice. My favorite that I've used with my child is 'I cannot replace you. Anything else we can deal with.' I have always wanted an opportunity to say thank you. By the end of my two hour training I feel as if I've spent time with a friend/mentor. You make people feel safe. I wish you continued blessings. Again, my sincere gratitude for all you have shared. Kate
  • Feb 22 2015
Please keep sharing your story, your words are healing in area's that are far reaching.Thank you.

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