Imaginary Fear

  • By dmoody6017
  • On April 16, 2016

I wrote this poem about imaginary fear. Dealing with panic attacks, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) caused by the trauma of childhood sexual abuse created  imaginary fears in my mind that would sometimes stop me in my tracks.
I am now writing poems to go with positive sayings I developed on my journey of healing. I took my sayings and some of my personal photographs and developed t-shirts that will be sold to raise money to help others heal from childhood sexual abuse.
Here is my poem.
Imaginary Fear
I had no idea of the power of imaginary fear.
As I have gone through this journey of healing, the power of imaginary fear has been so revealing.
The power of fear can be so paralyzingly; I spent too much time over-analyzing.
I never would have dreamed the damage done to one’s self esteem.
When you have been damaged and hurt as a child, you can let imaginary fear consume you for more than just a little while.
I reached a point when I decided to heal. I would fight imaginary fear with unstoppable zeal.
It took a lot of years – and my share of tears. But I was determined not to be stopped by my imaginary fears.
I have no idea where my life will go. But with God as my Partner, I will tell imaginary fear,
“You will not hold me back anymore.”
By C. David Moody, Jr.

  • Apr 16 2016
This is a wonderful, honest poem. Sometimes the fear is the hardest...that feeling of safety can be elusive until we remind ourselves, that we are safe now. Alexis
  • Apr 17 2016
Wonderful poem; thank you for sharing and quite timely as I needed to hear this now! Much appreciated!
Charles Moody
  • Apr 18 2016
David, keep the Faith and Stay the Course. Love, Dad Sent from my iPad

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